The power of Intramural play

As a very short, small-framed kid, I was not very good at team sports (baseball, football, basketball — really anything with a ball).  In fact, I had spent most of my life running away from these sports and the people who played them. So I took up running cross country and track, both individual sports. […]

Just One Thing (JOT!)

ALL THE THINGS!!! Do ALL THE THINGS!!!!!! Anyone ever feel like this is the message we receive? When I coached for Girls on the Run (GOTR is SO MUCH FUN!), I remember a lesson we did about the messages we receive externally and how we internalize them. These were 3rd-5th grade girls, and some of […]

Pick Your Pain

“Pick your pain” is something I say to myself every day. On this side of eternity, we all suffer from some form of pain, exercise induced or non-exercise induced. For me, the sore muscles after a hard workout are a small price to pay for the health benefits gained from exercising. If you are inactive […]