Coach Mindy- Final Open Takeaways

Ahh,, the Open!!!!! It’s like kids waiting for Christmas … if Christmas makes you want to pee your pants and have nervous butterflies all at once! And now, it’s over for another 11 months. So … what’s next? Simple:  We recover, reflect, and resolve. Recovery implies a return to something that once was, but I […]

Coach Vern- Open Takeaways

This year I was excited to be able to take part in the 2018 CrossFit Open. Although occasional doubt may creep in about how I will fare in this battle of intense iron and athleticism. I know deep down that I will lay it all on the line and will get a true answer to […]

The Open is Over… Now What?!

We’re now a few weeks out of the Friday Night Lights Fever, and you may be feeling a little antsy, maybe even worn down from the adrenaline that comes with anticipating and then “performing” in a group of your fitnessing peers. Coach Paige shares some reflections on the last couple of months as well as […]