You’re New Habits!

“It takes 21 days to build a habit” maybe this is a statement you have heard before. So why can it be that after 21 days we still want to skip the gym and reach for that chip bag. Its because we are human, that would be the easiest way. We are wired to want to […]

When the Excitement is Gone

We are coming up on the 2 week mark of our nutrition challenge this weekend. The excitement of the seminar and new knowledge has sunk in, the first week of meal prepping, getting our shopping list, and trying new things has passed. Its not just a 3 day or 2 week fad. We are working […]

The Power of Momentum

There is a saying “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish”. This is true we are not defined by how we start something but how we finish it. But how we start can determine how and when we finish. It may be starting a new project for your job, reaching some weight or […]

Don’t Go Alone

We have all had those moments of extreme motivation where we wake up early without an alarm, make a healthy breakfast, take a walk or go on a bike ride, have the motivation to clean the house and maybe even get started on that project you’ve been talking about for a long time! That motivation […]