CrossFit For Running!

There can be a lot of misconceptions about CrossFit and what we do here and how it translates into other areas of our lives. We see how it helps people with day to day tasks, feel better, move better, and shed some extra pounds. The next level to all of that is improving and consistently […]

BS as Rx’d: Magic Fitness Pill (CrossFit Journal)

The easy way sells. No matter what it leads to or if it even exists, the easy way to anything sells. People desperately want to believe there is an easy way, and in the world of exercise and fitness, the easy way is pushed in our faces relentlessly. In fact, a Google search for “the […]

Beating the BBQ- Happy 4th of July

Its the 4th of July!!! LET FREEDOM RING! This is personally one of my favorite holidays of the year. Warm weather, family and friends, fireworks, and more! Heres the things though, in that excitement I didn’t mention food. That was on purpose while there is going to be amazing food around I don’t want to […]