Don’t Go Alone

We have all had those moments of extreme motivation where we wake up early without an alarm, make a healthy breakfast, take a walk or go on a bike ride, have the motivation to clean the house and maybe even get started on that project you’ve been talking about for a long time! That motivation […]

A New Excuse!

We have all been there. I don’t have the time to exercise; I don’t have time to meal prep, or make healthy dining choices. I am too busy, the kids have things, the house is dirty, we have to visit family, my friends are all going out this weekend, etc. The “I will start after […]

When Your Fitness is Catching Up with Your Heart

I conducted a customary goal setting session recently with a 6-weeks-new member. We’ve found that 6 weeks is a good amount of time to get your feet wet, start to figure things out, and begin thinking about some short and longer-term goals

Coach Mindy- Final Open Takeaways

Ahh,, the Open!!!!! It’s like kids waiting for Christmas … if Christmas makes you want to pee your pants and have nervous butterflies all at once! And now, it’s over for another 11 months. So … what’s next? Simple:  We recover, reflect, and resolve. Recovery implies a return to something that once was, but I […]

Coach Vern- Open Takeaways

This year I was excited to be able to take part in the 2018 CrossFit Open. Although occasional doubt may creep in about how I will fare in this battle of intense iron and athleticism. I know deep down that I will lay it all on the line and will get a true answer to […]

The Open is Over… Now What?!

We’re now a few weeks out of the Friday Night Lights Fever, and you may be feeling a little antsy, maybe even worn down from the adrenaline that comes with anticipating and then “performing” in a group of your fitnessing peers. Coach Paige shares some reflections on the last couple of months as well as […]

The CrossFit Open and the CrossFit Mattoon Intramural Open – Demystified:

The CrossFit Open – it’s the start of the CrossFit season, which will ultimately culminate in the CrossFit Games (you may have seen them on ESPN) during the summer months. Athletes across the globe compete in this 5-week worldwide competition beginning on February 22nd and concluding on March 22nd. This is an opportunity to see […]

The power of Intramural play

As a very short, small-framed kid, I was not very good at team sports (baseball, football, basketball — really anything with a ball).  In fact, I had spent most of my life running away from these sports and the people who played them. So I took up running cross country and track, both individual sports. […]

Just One Thing (JOT!)

ALL THE THINGS!!! Do ALL THE THINGS!!!!!! Anyone ever feel like this is the message we receive? When I coached for Girls on the Run (GOTR is SO MUCH FUN!), I remember a lesson we did about the messages we receive externally and how we internalize them. These were 3rd-5th grade girls, and some of […]

Soaring via Fitnessing

Remember that feeling, when you were a kid, and your adrenaline was pumping, and you literally felt like, given just a few more moments of intensity, you could probably fly?Our members revisit that feeling, maybe not during burpees, and probably not during thrusters; but perhaps the just-right combination of the two sends them soaring …. […]