Its the 4th of July!!! LET FREEDOM RING! This is personally one of my favorite holidays of the year. Warm weather, family and friends, fireworks, and more! Heres the things though, in that excitement I didn’t mention food. That was on purpose while there is going to be amazing food around I don’t want to hype that up in my mind and focus that! I want to enjoy the day not worry about my macros but I still want to be conscious of what I am eating. 

Here are 4 easy steps to help you beat that 4th of July BBQ without giving up ground on your goals! 

  1. Ditch the Bun

You will more than likely be getting a pretty decent amount of carbs in if you enjoy a small portion of the sides that come with grilling out, so pick you spots on where you are getting you carbs from. Its super easy in a setting of chips, Mac n cheese, and deserts to go WAY over on carbs so scratch the bun! 

  1. Decide on Deserts 

AHH the desert table so inviting and delicious. We want to enjoy the day and not deprive ourselves of at least trying a little bit of what everyone brought. So how do we pick our spot here, by making one trip on a small plate. Get a moderate amount and stick with that. Biggest thing is being conscious at social events and not just mindlessly eating cookies and chips all day! 

  1. Drinking your Calories

Drinks have calories and carbs too, so be aware of this, if you choose to enjoy some alcoholic beverages or a nice tall glass of lemonade, keep those in moderation as well. Drink 2-3 bottles of water between your other drinks. This will help you to keep that intake lower while still enjoying drinks and food with friends! 

  1. Prepare Ahead

We know we are going to be eating less clean than normal and inevitably eating a little more than we need between food and drinks so prepare like wise. Get a healthy breakfast or lunch in and a workout before you head to the BBQ and get that metabolism pumping. We will be completing a HERO WOD at 7am here on the 4th and would love for you to join us before you head off to celebrate! 

Hope these tips can help you stay motivated and on track through the holiday weekend! Stay safe & have fun y’all!! 

  • Colton Anderson