Hi, lovely people! I just wanted to send a post-Open check in and talk about what’s coming next. First, our team was so proud of all of your effort during the Open. Whether it was your first time ever hearing of the CrossFit Open and you Just Showed Up and saw what it was all […]

The Open is Over… Now What?!

We’re now a few weeks out of the Friday Night Lights Fever, and you may be feeling a little antsy, maybe even worn down from the adrenaline that comes with anticipating and then “performing” in a group of your fitnessing peers. Coach Paige shares some reflections on the last couple of months as well as […]


The stringing of lights and constant posts about deals, events, and countdowns has me feeling a little … anxious. I’m not gonna lie. My days are filled with being a wife and mom to 4 kiddos, running our gym, and trying to keep my priorities straight (for me, that’s faith, family-friends, business/fitness – health is […]

Soaring via Fitnessing

Remember that feeling, when you were a kid, and your adrenaline was pumping, and you literally felt like, given just a few more moments of intensity, you could probably fly?Our members revisit that feeling, maybe not during burpees, and probably not during thrusters; but perhaps the just-right combination of the two sends them soaring …. […]

I only wish I could do that

A statement we’ve all seen many times, often on members’ Facebook posts about a great workout they had or a snapshot from a class – the statement is usually from a wistful friend or family member lamenting that they’re not in-shape enough to do a CrossFit workout or lift weights. After all, did you happen […]