There can be a lot of misconceptions about CrossFit and what we do here and how it translates into other areas of our lives. We see how it helps people with day to day tasks, feel better, move better, and shed some extra pounds. The next level to all of that is improving and consistently seeing progress. This post is going to highlight a few of our members that enjoy running or never imagine themselves running outside of the gym atmosphere and how CrossFit has helped them with improving and learning to run better!

Jen Wirth– When Jen started coming to CrossFit, she had already had a running background and enjoyed running in 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons! She is a member of our #5amCrew and comes to class at least 3x a week and fills the other days with running training. She recently hit a PR for her half marathon time. Here is what she had to say about CrossFit aiding in her awesomeness!

“I preached it to my brother too who does full marathons on how well CrossFit training has helped me feel and become stronger when running. Strength training is huge with running and without that or the guidance (of coaches) it would have been a rough run or even unrealistic for me to want to do it! I PR in my first half, and ran a good amount of miles under 9 minutes which I hardly had done in training ! I don’t think I could have a workout regime with just running, I gotta mix it up!”

Shelia and Julie- These two awesome ladies have been friends for a long time and enjoyed running together after starting CrossFit they have continued to run together but have found that adding strength into their workout routing and the programming of CrossFit has helped them to see progress in running times and have used both CrossFit and running to bond with family members. This past Saturday Sheila ran the Run for the Bagel with her Grandson! Great work!

Jessi Youhas and Amber French- Jessi has been a member now for a few months and decided to take the challenge of running a 5k, she got to set an example of her fitness outside of the gym and she crushed it! Jessi is excited to continue CrossFit and focus on running another 5k and improving on her time in the Fall! Amber had ran a 5k in the past and used our motto “Just Show Up” it was after that 5k that she realized she loved pushing herself and that carried over to her confidence to sign-up for a No Sweat Intro¬†after starting On-Ramping, she decided to Run for the Bagel as well. Both her a Jessi crushed it!

We have so many examples in the gym of people who didn’t see themselves running and now they are running miles unbroken, reaching for new PRs on 400m and 200m. Not getting nervous or uncomfortable running 100m or even 50m. Members like Mike, Christal, Jody, and Marcy have set running goals and whether they see it or not are constantly improving their conditioning and running as a whole! The basis for all this improvement is they just show up!


If you’re interested in learning more about CrossFit for Running– Check out this awesome article from Runners World!