Hi, lovely people! I just wanted to send a post-Open check in and talk about what’s coming next.

First, our team was so proud of all of your effort during the Open. Whether it was your first time ever hearing of the CrossFit Open and you Just Showed Up and saw what it was all about, got your first pull-up or double under, came in and did your thing in the AM warriors class, or had a blast just cheering for others – thank you for being a part of it.

So a few things you may get excited about – it looks like we have several teams forming for the first-ever mixed gender partner Festivus Competition! This will take place the morning/early afternoon of April 27 in Effingham. Click here for a page that shows the different workouts and click around for more info – FAQs, etc. Something new this time around is that Novice and Intermediate appear to mostly be separated by slightly heavier loads, not so much skills. I’ll post more on this later and will include a printout of the workouts in the gym for you to browse through. This is also an individual event in the fall, and it’s the most beginner-friendly competition you can do! People who want to participate but not be officially part of the competition pool can even opt to do that! There is a document at the gym with the workouts given as well as movement standards for each division.

When there’s an event that many people are interested in, we often decide to re-open our “Open Gym” temporarily. It gives people a chance to get together with partners and try out workouts. Those of you who aren’t signing up for Festivus but want to take advantage of a little extra time to get in a workout, you’re welcome as well, as long as our posted guidelines are respected. We will have a physical sign-in sheet in place, and there will be a billing of $5 each time Open Gym is utilized; we will reconcile payments in ZenPlanner at the conclusion of this period of Open Gym.

Right now, we’re looking at Sunday afternoons, likely from 3-4:30. The dates will be 4/7, 4/13, and then we will plan one more time before Festivus since Easter is the following Sunday – likely Thursday evening, 4/25.

Another event to have on your radar is your first Spartan race! Our very own Mark Cartright is working on becoming a SGX certified Spartan coach! We will be offering 6-week programs later this spring to get you ready to participate in a summer Spartan!

Lastly, thank you all for your support of our amazing interns as they are getting their feet wet co-coaching class. As this is a challenging (but rewarding!) learning curve, we will ensure timeliness is always top priority. Thank you for the part you play in cultivating a warm, encouraging, inclusive environment for people of many different life stages, abilities, and backgrounds, and for your support as we continue to grow our coaching team!

In the next few weeks, we’ll be sending out information on scheduling an Inbody scan (we will do these every 3 months as part of your membership!) and goal setting session as well as how to sign up for the Spartan course. In the meantime, feel free to respond to info@sharpironathletics.com or catch a coach before or after class if you have any questions or anything you’d like to discuss! Keep showing up and moving forward – and once you get signed up for Festivus, or anytime you accomplish something you’re proud of, please give yourself a shout-out in the members’ group on Facebook or on social media. You never know who you’ll inspire!


Coach Mindy and the SharpIron Athletics Team