Mike Will and Jennifer (Will) Grindstaff

Happy Monday! It’s time to announce the winner of our first ever partner nutrition challenge, Fuel for Life. The winning team is …

Where There’s a WILL, There’s a Way.

Okay, I made that name up. But it’s pretty good, right?

So this father/daughter duo was an absolute blast to work with. A little history:  Jennifer has been a member of group classes since summer 2018, and she started customized nutrition coaching in summer 2019. You can learn more about Jennifer’s background and progress here. After completing her first 6 weeks of learning some new daily habits and really nailing them down, Jennifer was going to begin her next phase, ongoing coaching, but instead decided to opt into the challenge – and bring her dad, Mike, along!

Mike lives in Quincy, where Jennifer is a college professor, traveling there from her hometown of Sullivan during the week to teach on campus. Mike traveled the several hours for the kickoff seminar, and his attitude from the beginning was that of a learner – not hard to see where Jennifer gets her ‘always a student’ outlook!

Having already had some success behind her from customized coaching, Jennifer’s goals and action steps were pretty dialed in. We kept up with the practice of setting small goals and making a plan, and when some adversity came her way – illness,  a dental procedure, then having to adapt her in-car snacking, a big part of her plan since she travels frequently – she had a fantastic approach:  Don’t throw everything out just because life happens. She did what she needed to get through and got right back on track. Small tweaks to her plan, and she moved forward. Jennifer has a culinary arts background and loves traveling to try new restaurants, and her approach has been to not consider that a “setback” and instead include it in her plan. What a great approach – trips and holidays will always come around (thank goodness!), and unless we’re planning on never indulging, why not go ahead and allot for it, enjoy it, and continue eating well otherwise!

Mike started the challenge by going on vacation right away – but he was ready with a plan. We talked about a few small things he could try so as to still have a great time and not feel inhibited to try new foods and enjoy himself. His feedback was that he found some ways to be a bit more moderate some of the day, preparing food at their condo, and he came back refreshed and went into weeks 2-6 with a winning attitude. A few of his victories over the challenge were learning to meal prep, realizing his fast food ventures could be slightly (and painlessly) modified, and having much more consistent timing of his snacks and meals, eliminating some of those later-evening kitchen raids.

Mike lost a total of 15# during the challenge and 1.5 inches on his waist. He agreed to maintain accountability with Jennifer both on the phone and during her visits to Quincy. Jennifer, since starting customized counseling in the summer, has lost 11# of body fat, and a total of 26# since she began fitness classes 18 months ago. Her consistency is something to be admired! She continues with ongoing coaching to keep moving forward. Her energy level and new skills acquired in the gym (yeah, DOUBLE UNDERS!) have seen some serious improvement since dialing in nutrition.

Way to GO, Jennifer and Mike!