Meet the Member: Amy
She is a hardworking wife and mother who dove in headfirst to our “Summer Shred” 6-week program in June and hasn’t looked back. Amy then went into personal training for several weeks and is currently participating in a women’s small group 3x a week. She also recognized the need to learn to eat for her athletic endeavors and to reach her goals, and she’s crushing it in the last week of our SharpIron Nutrition 28-day challenge. Her husband is eating better alongside her, and we have no doubt her entire family will reap the benefits of her hard work in taking great care of herself.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in Amy is in her confidence in movements and how she approaches workouts now – she recognizes her strengths alongside limitations, but she doesn’t let them limit her from getting better every single time! She has achieved massively improved balance in her single-leg movements, and, as she says, her clothes are fitting better, and she is enjoying increased energy in her daily life as wife, mother, employee, and business owner! We love having you as a member, Amy, and are so proud of your achievements — and we can’t wait to show off your progress in 3 more months!

Watch her story on YouTube here.

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