Jennifer did her first nutrition consult in July. She has been a CrossFit member since the summer of 2018. She’s a college professor, wife to Jason, and mom of a preschool boy, Herschel. Jennifer was looking for education to tie her nutrition intake to her performance in the gym as well as a better understanding of how her food choices impact her energy levels. 

We decided the best option was customized coaching for 6 weeks. We set a baseline at her initial consult, used the Inbody scan results and her activity level and got a meal plan started. Not everyone has the mindset to handle a very specific plan without becoming overwhelmed, so we talked about whether it’d be best to pick a few days she likes and then alternate/repeat them a few times a week (a good option for many people!). Ultimately, she chose to follow the plan as close as made sense for her, with the willingness to adapt and use her MyFitnessPal log to keep her close to her daily macro goals.

We set goals keeping Jennifer’s work demands and lifestyle requests in mind. Jennifer has a fairly consistent weekly schedule as a college professor with some online classes, but she travels toward the end of the week and knows the struggles and demands of longer car trips and staying on track while staying with family on the weekends. When she’s home with her boy on the weekends, she loves making new recipes and having cocktails. We decided what her “non-negotiables” are and made a realistic set of goals and action steps.

Some of my favorite things about working with Jennifer:  She has a fantastic mindset about nutrition already, is incredibly uplifting and comfortable in her own skin, and she’s consistent yet adaptable. She came up with ideas for her own next steps and we shared them during our weekly check-ins and midway consult. She loves learning and is a pro at practically applying knowledge to her life. I’m inspired after every session with her!

Some of Jennifer’s “wins” have been increased energy and recovery from workouts (one of her first obstacles was not “crashing” following afternoon workouts), increased performance and confidence in the gym (cardio has come a long way already!), and although her initial goals weren’t tied to numbers, she has had almost 9 pounds of fat loss since July. 

We planned to continue after the 6 weeks ended with ongoing coaching – regular check-ins to keep her on track. Instead, Jennifer decided to commit to the Fuel for Life partner nutrition challenge starting this Saturday – and the best part:  Her dad is traveling to the seminar and partnering with her! She has seen her husband and son reap the benefits of her healthy lifestyle choices, and it will be fantastic to see her encouraging her dad in the coming weeks. 

As we continue to work together in setting short and longer term goals, be on the lookout for updates on her progress. Keep it up, Jennifer! 

Join Jennifer and others in our Fuel for Life 6-Week Partner Nutrition Challenge by clicking here.